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Pepperdine University students vandalize pro-life display, rip down crosses: Video

Liberal students at Pepperdine in were seen vandalizing a pro-life display with pro- messages and removing crosses from the campus display. 

“Why are you taking down crosses at a Christian school?” a vandal is asked in a video posted by the .

“Because I’m not a Christian,” the woman responded. 

Pepperdine College Republicans had installed a pro-life bulletin on Tuesday night reading, “Lives taken by abortion since Roe v. Wade. 62 million.” The display included 620 crosses, one for every 100,000 lives taken since Roe. v. Wade. 

Hours later, vandals were seen covering the display with pro-abortion messages including, “Vasectomies prevent abortion,” “No uterus no opinion,” “God does not support the legislation of women’s bodies,” while many of the crosses were ripped, YAF reported. 

One of the vandals claimed “it’s public property” while she ripped down the crosses. 

“It’s unfortunate and telling that some on our campus decided to desecrate a memorial to 62 million aborted babies by obscuring our message with used hygiene products, removing and covering up our display, and even turning crosses upside down,” Pepperdine College Republicans Spencer Lindquist told YAF.

“We hope that President Gash and the rest of Pepperdine’s administration take this opportunity to publicly support the free speech of their Christian and conservative students, which is uniquely under attack on our campus,” he said.

“Pepperdine University is committed to free, open, and respectful speech on our campus, a commitment that is rooted in our Christian mission and ethos. We affirm that truth has nothing to fear from investigation. Thus, we believe that public debate on topics important to a free society is enhanced when members of our community freely and respectfully express their viewpoints,” Pepperdine said in a statement. 

Liberal students vandalizing pro-life displays on college campuses, as well as patriotic ones, is nothing new. One student activist at Indiana University, Bloomington, for example, was charged with disorderly conduct, vandalism, and larceny-theft in 2018 after he reportedly tried to steal, spray-paint and rip apart signs from a pro-life group protesting on campus.


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