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WaPo reporter deletes ‘grossly inappropriate’ tweet about Biden visit to cemetery where his family is buried

Washington Post White House reporter Annie Linsky deleted a tweet on Sunday about President Biden‘s visit to a cemetery where his daughter, son and former wife are buried. 

“Biden goes to church and walks through a graveyard in Wilmington as his legislative agenda is dying in Washington,” Linksky tweeted. After a flurry of criticism and outrage, Linsky deleted the tweet. 

She said, “I deleted an earlier tweet, which was not intended to cause offense.” 

Tech journalist, Ed Bott, responded by asking Linsky if she is “incapable of actually apologizing.”

The Washington Post reporter later tweeted an addendum. She said, “It was a badly conceived and insensitive tweet. I’m sorry.”

Biden was traveled to Wilmington, Delaware, this weekend, where he attended a Catholic church adjacent to the cemetery.

When Biden was elected to the Senate in 1972, a car crash killed his wife, Neilia Hunter, and infant daughter. They were pronounced dead on arrival at Wilmington General Hospital. His sons were injured in the crash; Hunter had a skull fracture and Beau had a leg fracture. Beau later died in 2015 of brain cancer. All three are buried in the cemetery, which Biden regularly visits

Many criticized Linskey for what one called a “disrespectful tweet.”

Jon Cooper, a Biden supporter and former campaign chair for Barack Obama, said, “You can delete this disrespectful tweet … but the damage was done.”

“You must have known that Joe Biden’s late son, wife and daughter are all buried in that cemetery. You owe Joe an apology.” 

Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, said, “I am someone who visits a cemetery to see my murdered daughter. I AM OFFENDED & PISSED. What part of you thought this was ok?”

Margaret Larson, a former NBC journalist, said that a “correction” was in order. 

“You were too busy carrying water for the progressive agenda instead of actually thinking about the content of your tweet,” attorney Elliott Hamilton said.

Hannah Grossman is an Associate Editor at Fox News. Follow her on Twitter at @GrossmanHannah


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