Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Tom Cotton on ‘Fox & Friends’: Joe Biden and Democrats will only make things worse

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) warned President Biden and the Democrats will only make things “worse” for the economy as working Americans grapple with rising inflation and a supply chain crisis. Cotton joined “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, arguing Democrats are “out of touch” as negotiations continue over massive spending bills

TOM COTTON: It’s amazing that Joe Biden thinks the economy is on the right track. Just goes to show how out of touch he and the Democrats are. They probably haven’t spoken to folks who are paying three and four dollars a gallon to fill up their [gas] tank, or to families who are stretching their budgets each week just to pay for higher prices at the grocery store, and look what they’re trying to do now: add another $2 trillion of spending to this economy. 

Look what they want to spend it on. They want to give welfare benefits to millions of illegal aliens at a time [when] we have a crisis at our southern border, or they want to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on fanciful green energy programs. It’s just going to cause you to pay more for your gasoline or pay more for electricity going into the winter months. Joe Biden and the Democrats are out of touch. They’re part of the problem we have in the country right now with the economy, and their plans will only make it worse. 


Tom Cotton on Virginia gubernatorial race: Terry McAuliffe has been 'flailing for weeks' Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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