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HomemediaSean Hannity: Joe Biden rapidly becoming 'most unpopular president to ever serve'

Sean Hannity: Joe Biden rapidly becoming ‘most unpopular president to ever serve’

As Afghanistan’s state of affairs deteriorates, the Biden administration has been actively trying to push the debacle under the rug and Fox News host Sean Hannity argued on Wednesday that the president’s military advisors are “doing their best to cover for the ‘Big Guy.'”

“Joe Biden is not losing sleep over the innocent people he left behind,” said the “Hannity” host, noting the president has not mentioned any of the Americans left in Afghanistan in the last 30 days. 

Hannity sounded off on Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, for phone calls he made to China in January. “Milley did call Chinese communists on two separate occasions, he did promise to warn them if an attack was imminent. Milley was under oath and he was probably recorded by Woodward. So now, he’s doing his best to look truthful.”

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Hannity continued, “those calls with China were not authorized by the Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump. They were not authorized by the acting Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller – who called Milley’s conduct ‘disgraceful and unprecedented act of insubordination.’”

The Fox News host claimed that Milley went rogue and called for a full investigation as well as his resignation. 

Hannity went on to condemn the president’s Afghanistan withdrawal strategy, calling him a liar. “According to Joe Biden, there was no other choice. His advisors agreed that we had to pull out and leave no troops behind.” 

“As you can see, Joe Biden was lying. He is not an honest person. When the going gets tough, Joe Biden lies and takes zero responsibility. The buck does not stop with him. He is a sleazy, disreputable 1970s politician from Delaware, who is not qualified to be president of the United States.”

Hannity concluded by stating that the president is “asleep at the wheel” and his radical socialist base is in full control. “They call the shots, he answers to them and if they get their way, America will never be the same.”

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