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Idaho sheriff to Lawrence Jones: America ‘losing the war’ against fentanyl at southern border

“Fox & Friends” enterprise reporter Lawrence Jones headed to Idaho this week, a state that has been ravaged by the opioid crisis. Throughout his visit, Jones met with law enforcement officials and the governor, who said they are fighting an uphill battle to stop fentanyl – which is coming across the southern border – from reaching their state. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have reported more than 1.5 million illegal bordering crossings during the fiscal year 2021 – a figure that has not yet included the number of illegal encounters during the month of September.

While in Idaho, Jones met with Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue, who recalled an incident where officers searched someone, and the officers inhaled airborne particles and needed lifesaving intervention following the search. 

Donahue was sharply critical of President Biden, a stark contrast to former President Trump. 

“I met Mr. Trump twice, I was in the White House twice, meeting with him on these issues. He brought us to the table, this administration, we have none of that. Not only do we not get invited to the table, there is no table. Because in their eyes, there’s no problem.”

Donahue said America is “losing the war” against drug cartels at the southern border, explaining how the state is feeling the impact despite being nearly 2,000 miles away. 

Fentanyl seizures at border up 34% in a year Video

Jones spoke with Idaho Governor Brad Little, who has written a letter to President Biden to fix the border crisis. Little reported that 96% of drugs coming into the state are from Mexico. 

“It’s bad and it’s getting worse because it’s getting more and more abundant and it’s cheaper,” said Little.

Idaho State Police captain John Kempf has had to make tough calls to family members to let them know they have lost a loved one to the deadly drug.

“The people that are manufacturing this fentanyl, that are bringing this fentanyl across the border, and that are selling it, absolutely know that it kills people” he added. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration on Monday issued a rare public safety alert warning Americans of an “alarming increase” in containing fentanyl flooding the country. 

In its first such alert in six years, the majority of the counterfeit pills found in the U.S. are being manufactured in with the help of chemicals supplied by .

Over 9.5 million phony pills have been seized so far this year – more than the last two years combined, the DEA said.

Jones emphasized on “Fox & Friends” police officers are saying they can’t “arrest themselves out of this problem,” and that the flow must be stemmed at the Mexican border. 

Joe Karwacki is a digital production assistant with Fox News.


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