Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Hannity: Biden’s pleas for ‘socialist’ takeover is proof he ‘doesn’t care about your kids, grocery bill, job’

In his “Opening Monologue” on Friday, host Sean Hannity warned that President Biden’s continued pleas to his party to pass trillions of dollars representing a socialist takeover of the American economy and social programs is more proof he cares only about himself and not about the future generations left paying for his monstrous expenditures, nor the current generation that will be hit hard by its repercussions.

“Joe Biden is much more worried about his sinking poll numbers,” he said. “This has gone so bad so fast, even I can’t believe it… We are on the brink now,” he said on “Hannity“.

“Border crisis, jobs crisis, inflation crisis, crisis in Afghanistan — And now, a crisis in the Washington swamp as his fellow socialist Democrats are in a full-on civil war.”

Hannity noted that the only two remaining moderates in the Democratic Party, Sens. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin III of West Virginia have for the time being essentially slowed the remaining Democratic majority’s lurch toward socialism.

“That’s why today, he limped over to Capitol Hill and begged lawmakers to pass his insane $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” Socialist Spending Proposal — what could go wrong!? Everything Joe touches turns out just great.”

Hannity noted that Biden’s apparent disdain for the American people he is supposed to represent is fully evident in the bill, which allocates billions of dollars for benefits for illegal immigrants, billions for taxpayer-funded family leave and government jobs for young “climate warriors.”

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“Joe thinks that this big government, socialist, spending bill will be a historic political win for him – he doesn’t care that it will cause massive inflation on top of the historic inflation we’re already experiencing.”

“He doesn’t care that Americans’ grocery bill will get more expensive – he doesn’t care that Americans’ energy bills will rise – He doesn’t care that the price of a gallon of gas will go up and up and up – He doesn’t care about the quality of your life – Joe Biden cares about Joe Biden. That’s it.”

Hannity noted that because Biden’s selfish and destructive political behavior is reaching new levels, he of course has completely ignored Republicans’ concerns – despite branding himself as “Mister Unity” in the words of the host.


He said the “radical socialist” wing of the Democratic Party currently controls Biden and that they together want to “destroy what makes this country great.”

“They want to control your means of production. They want to take away your property rights. They want to abolish the concept of borders. They want to turn the United States of America into a Communal wasteland — believe it or not… You have the power to stop them.”

“But it starts at the ballot box,” he said, as New Jersey and Virginia prepare to hold gubernatorial races this year and as candidates across the country gear up for the ever-approaching 2022 midterms where Republicans seek to deliver the House gavel to Rep. Kevin McCarthy and not Pelosi once more.


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