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Texas Gov. Abbott: Joe Biden is AWOL, has abandoned ‘any pretense’ of border security

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told “America’s Newsroom” on Monday that President Biden is “AWOL” and has abandoned the border, leaving his state’s national guard and police to handle security.

GREG ABBOTT: I was on the border yesterday working with both the Texas National Guard as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety as we are preparing for the potential arrival of this caravan understand this, and that is the Biden administration is AWOL. The Biden administration has abandoned any pretense of securing the border, and it’s left only to the state of Texas to step up and to secure our own border. 

As a result, we have thousands of National Guard as well as Texas Department of Public Safety Officers, including Texas Rangers, making sure that we are providing the resources we need to secure the border, as well as Texas is in the process of building a wall, as well as making arrests of people coming across the border illegally and trespassing in the state of Texas. 

That said, what we expect to be able to do if you go back a couple of weeks ago when you saw the number of people coming across Del Rio. We formed a human barricade to prevent those people from coming into the state of Texas. We are identifying locations where these other caravans may be coming to. For that same purpose of trying to cross the border at low water crossing areas, and we are working to barricade those areas as we speak right now.


Biden has yet to visit the border as president Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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