Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Former Education Secretary on politicization of schools: Parents should yield to their own ‘common sense’

Former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett advised parents to stop yielding to “experts” and start yielding to their own “common sense” amid the rampant politicization of schools. Bennett appeared on “Fox & Friends” Sunday to discuss the matter, saying parents are the “first line of defense” for their children. 

BILL BENNETT: Eyes are open here, Rachel. The letter is late but is welcome anyway, but the damage has been done. What we find out here is that the National School Board Association, like the PTA, like the National Council of Social Studies, are in bed with the government, with the liberal government, and they seek control and authority over your children. Parents are waking up. COVID was a terrible thing, we had to put masks on, but it did have the effect of taking some blinders off as people saw what was going on in the classroom, and a lot of parents did. Over the years we have tended to yield, Rachel, to experts’ expertise. You know, ‘the doctor said,’ ‘the school said,’ ‘the internet said,’ instead of yielding to our own sense of things, our own common sense and our own experience. I think that revelation is now taking place across the country and people are saying, ‘what’s going on?’ We have authority over our children, we are the first line of defense for our children, we speak for our children. Not all teachers are parents but all parents are teachers and the child’s first and indispensable teacher. 


Bennett on politicization in schools: Machinery of the state keeps rolling on Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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