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2 Virginia children die from COVID-19 in 3-day span

A Virginia child under the age of 10 died from COVID-19, a health official confirmed. The death occurred just days after a 10-year-old Virginia girl also died after contracting the virus.

Larry Hill, Virginia Department of Health (VDH) spokesperson, confirmed the unidentified child’s death to the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Thursday morning but did not provide any further information. 

The child’s death occurred just days after 10-year-old Teresa Sperry died after contracting the virus.

According to Teresa’s mother, Nicole Sperry, the child was assigned to help sick classmates to the nurse’s office at Hillpoint Elementary School. She said the parents who allowed their sick children to come to school put her daughter’s health in jeopardy and claimed it ultimately led to her death, according to her Facebook page.


When the school announced Teresa’s death, the division superintendent included that parents should advise students to wash their hands and avoid touching their mouth and nose, among other preventive measures to reduce virus spread, according to a letter shared over social media.

Fox News has requested comment from Hillpoint Elementary School.

Nicole Sperry took to Facebook in response to the elementary school statement.

“My beautiful girl was taken from me because people are too damn selfish to care about what could happen to others,” she wrote in a Facebook post, later adding, “We wore our mask because there are too many in our tribe who are at risk. My daughter was not at risk. And now she is gone.”

Sperry urged others to “wear a damn mask, get vaccinated” and practice social distance to honor her late daughter.

Norfolk-based outlet Virginian-Pilot reported that more pediatric COVID-19 patients were admitted to Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Virginia over any other prior month in the pandemic.

According to the health department, the two pediatric deaths brings the total number of COVID-19 related children deaths in Virginia to 13 – 12 of which occurred in 2021. 


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