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Sarah Silverman slams Dem ‘Squad’ for opposing Israel’s Iron Dome: ‘None of them talk about Hamas!’

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman expressed rare criticism towards the Democratic “Squad” over their opposition to providing U.S. funding for Israel‘s Iron Dome defense system. 

Last month, progressive lawmakers were successful in stripping $1 billion allocated for the Jewish State’s missile defense program from the Democrat spending bill. The funding was then voted on separately, which received overwhelming bipartisan support with the exception of Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., and the “Squad” members. Notably, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., changed her vote from “no” to “present” last minute.

“It’s frustrating because my girls, ma gurls in the Squad, um, really didn’t want it to be funded. They wanted to defund it,” Silverman said during her podcast on Thursday. “And, you know, all the Iron Dome does is protect civilians from getting hit by missiles and bombs. That’s all it does! It’s not a weapon!… But your wanting to take away from the thing that protects every citizen of Israel.”


The liberal comedian then quoted her niece, who said “Voting against the Iron Dome defense system is voting for dead Israelis and that’s Muslims, Christians and Jews alike.”

“It’s true! Israeli civilians are Jews and Arabs and Christians. And they are Black and Brown and White. Sorry to tell ya it’s not just dirty Jews you’re letting die,” Silverman told the progressive Democrats. “It just feels, you know- the missiles are aimed at citizens. They’re not aimed at, you know artilleries or the Knesset even, which is the Israeli government, which by the way is now co-led by an Arab politician.”


Silverman lamented that “we’re not allowed to call it anti-Semitism” and said the idea of Israel not having the Iron Dome as missiles constantly fly towards the Jewish State is “dark.”

“I’m really trying to understand it, though… I think AOC’s like, ‘Could we even just talk about it?’… None of them talk about Hamas!” Silverman exclaimed. “No one in the Squad is bringing up Hamas. I can’t- it’s so bizarre! Yes, the occupation is not right. There cannot be justice in a place where there are people who have no freedom of movement, but they elected Hamas! Why do none of them even mention Hamas, a group that just until a few years ago had a mission statement that said ‘Kill all Jews,’ a group that just congratulated the Taliban for taking over Afghanistan?”

“No, Israel is not good for Palestine but you are kidding yourself if you think Hamas is good for Palestine. The whole thing’s just f—ing gross, but f—! It’s not simple! Please do not defund the Iron Dome. I know that it’s not, but just talking to the Squad here, you know, my family lives there! It just seems to prove the point that I didn’t think existed which is, um, people really only like Jews if they’re suffering. Dead Jews get a lot of honor. I want to love them, I really do. I love AOC, I love Rashida Tlaib, I love Ilhan Omar. Their domestic policies are completely aligned with mine and I think they’re so cool and kick-ass, but this is really scary! You make it hard! Not having the Iron Dome is gonna kill people. A lot of people. You’ll finally get that higher body count from Israel,” Silverman added.  

Joseph A. Wulfsohn is a media reporter for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @JosephWulfsohn.


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