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The best of Golden Globe winner, Tom Cruise throughout his long acting career



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    film in 1986.

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  • Young Tom Cruise in the 1980s


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    in 1990123]

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    Tom Cruise and His Son Connor Cruise at the 2013 La Kings nhl Playoff Game.
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    [Tom Cruise with his son Connor Cruise in 2013 [

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    Cruise Starred in 90s Movies \u0026 Quot; a Few123]

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    Tom Cruise in the first "Mission Impossible" movie in 1996 [

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    Tom Cruise is pictured at \u0026 quot; The Mummy \u0026 Quot; Movie Premiere in 2017. He Played Nick Morton in the Film.

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  • the model used in the film. Tom Cruise at "The Mummy" premiere in 2017 (getty images)

  • Prev Tom Cruise at the 2012 "Jack Reacher" movie premiere


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  • Cruise workedAlongSide Co-Stars Jennifer Conneelly and Miles Teller in \u0026 Quot; Top Gun: Maverick. \u0026 Quot; Tom Cruise at the 2016 "Jack Reacher 2" movie premiere (Getty Images)


    IMAGE 10 of of of of of ofsGun: Maverick \u0026 Quot; Japan Premiere in 2022.

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  • Tom Cruise at the "Topgun: Maverick" movie premiere in Korea



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    Cruise has ben nominatedFor Three Oscars for his Roles in \u0026 Quot; Magnolia, \u0026 Quot; \u0026 Quot; Jerry Maguire, \u0026 Quot; and \u0026 Quot;July. \u0026 Quot; he has won three goldn globe awards.

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  • 123] Tom Cruise and Miles Teller


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