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This tiny James Bond Aston Martin DB5 kills with cuteness

Even James Bond was a baby once, right?

(The Little Car Company)

Aston Martin has collaborated with The Little Car Company to create a two-thirds scale version of 007’s iconic DB5 spy car to help promote the upcoming film “No Time to Die.”

(The Little Car Company)

The working replica features Gatling guns hidden behind the headlights, a smoke screen, rotating license plates and a “skid mode” that lets it do donuts as you fire away.

(The Little Car Company)

The convertible is large enough to fit an adult and child side by side and is driven by a 21.5 horsepower electric motor that’s good for a top speed over 45 mph.

(The Little Car Company)

It’s not legal to be driven on the street, but is anything Bond does legal? It does come with a real car price tag, however. Just 125 will be sold for a very Aston Martin-esque $125,000 each.

One could consider that a bargain, however, as Aston Martin sells full-size replicas of the DB5 with functional gadgets for $3.5 million.

(The Little Car Company)

A car built to promote the film “Thunderball” that wasn’t even used for filming was also sold in 2019 for $6.4 million, while a long-lost car featured in both that film and “Goldfinger” that was stolen in 1997 could be worth $15 million if it surfaced for sale today.

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